Your Week

Sunday: Weekend Services
Monday: Time with department
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM: Staff Chapel, spiritual development, staff meeting, lunch, academic studies, leadership development.
Wednesday: Time with department
Thursday: Time with department
Friday: Off Day
Saturday: Off Day

The Break Down

15%  serving in the local church
20%  spiritual development
25%  leadership lessons and coursework
40%  gaining ministry experience in your department

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Student Life

Evangel staff development
Every week, students and staff come together to worship, hear a leadership lesson, and take part in an all-staff meeting. These mornings will provide great insight into church leadership and overall vision.

Connect Groups
Your relationship with Jesus is best lived out in community. Groups meet throughout the week and cover a wide variety of topics. 

Serve Teams
One of our core values is that we live to give. Every weekend, students will live out this model as they serve during our services.

Team Nights
We consider ourselves family, and our desire is to get to know you better. We will provide nights with fun activities, community, and food. 

Reach Opportunities
City Reach: Bi-monthly, a team from Evangel serves our local organizations within the community.
Reach Trips: Our heart is global. Whether it be within our state or across the world, we want to share the Good News of Jesus. Throughout the year, Evangel sends out numerous teams to help meet the needs of others.