Hey, I’ve got questions!

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age limit, however, you must be graduated from high school to apply.

Can I work during my internship?
Many of our students choose to work while in the program. Those who have a job are still expected to complete their practicum hours each week, as well as fulfill hours within their area of emphasis.

Will I earn college credit during my internship?
MLC does not currently offer any college credit or university partnership.

Can I attend another school during my internship?
Many students take classes at another college or university during their time in MLC. Please note that students are still expected to fulfill hours within their area of emphasis, as well as complete the required weekly practicum hours.

Do you offer housing options?
We do not provide housing options through the program. Bismarck has a multitude of apartment rentals, and many students choose to rent together.

Do I need a vehicle during my internship?
Yes. Many of your ministry opportunities will require reliable transportation.

What are my options after MLC?
After a year of MLC, you will be able to apply for ministry certification through the Assemblies of God. Many students continue their education or apply for ministry positions elsewhere. Some students will be invited to apply for a second year of the MLC program, creating a role in an Evangel Department to further study and serve.