Got questions?

Is there an age requirement?
There is no age limit, however, you must be graduated from high school to apply.

Can I work while in MLC?
Many of our students choose to work while in the program. Those who have a job are still expected to meet all expectations and hourly requirements. 

Will there be housing options?
We do not provide housing options through the program. Bismarck has a multitude of apartment rentals, and many students choose to rent together.

Do I need a vehicle during my internship?
Yes. Many of your ministry opportunities will require reliable transportation.

What does the ideal candidate look like?
The ideal MLC student is someone who has a strong and consistent personal relationship with Jesus and is passionate and excited to grow.

How long will I be in the program? 
The initial commitment is one year, but many students will continue in MLC beyond their first year in the program.

Are there opportunities for financial aid? 
Students are able to apply for federal financial aid by filling out the FAFSA. There are also private scholarship opportunities through Evangel.